Barista Cocoa Shaker


Barista Cocoa Shaker will sprinkle cocoa and cinnamon on your cappuccino or latte and many more!

Barista Cocoa Shaker, with such frequent use in a cafe, it is vital to invest in a resilient material such as Stainless Steel.

Material: Stainless Steel

Weight: 300 gr

Color: Silver

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It has the right shape and it can be used at home or at a coffee shop. You can even use this shaker for sweet food treats such as cakes, pastries, muffins and more. Barista Cocoa Shaker is the best option for kitchens and barista use.

With our Barista Cocoa Shaker you can add special touch to your hot drinks!

    • •  Hygenic
    • •  Easy to use
    • •  Professional look
    • •  Material: Stainless Steel
    • •  Weight: 300 gr
    • •  Color: Silver


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