ECM S-Automatik 64 Espresso Grinder - Anthracite


ECM S-Automatik 64 Espresso Grinder, one of the most powerful grinders on the market.

ECM S-Automatik 64 Espresso Grinder is the single most important piece of equipment that accompanies an espresso machine and we can tell that ECM kept this in mind when they designed. With a powerful 450W motor and a set of 64mm stainless steel burrs, it's surprising they managed to fit so much into so small a product.

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ECM S-Automatik 64 Espresso Grinder - Anthracite

A nice finishing touch we noticed is the vented housing for greater airflow and cooler operation so your coffee beans aren't affected during the grinding process.The S-Automatik 64 also boasts a subtle improvement in grind adjustment with the addition of the o-ring inside the grinding chamber. This prevents grounds from packing the adjustment threads, which would otherwise make calibrating the burrs difficult or unreliable, as you might find on other grinders.

450 Watt Motor

The S-Automatik 64 can grind about 11 grams of coffee in about 2.5 seconds. This feature alone puts it well ahead of most grinders at the some price-point.

LED Display

The S-Automatik 64 features a silver-colored display that lets you program your shot times by 0.1 second intervals. It comes pre-programmed with two settings for single and double shots.


Height: 414 mm Width: 149 mm Depth: 244 mm Weight: 6,9 kg

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