Eureka Atom 60 Coffee Grinder - Metallic Emerald


Eureka Atom 60 Coffee Grinder, a step up in size and power from the Eureka Mignon is the Atom.

Eureka Atom 60 Coffee Grinder, a step up in size and power from the Eureka Mignon is the Atom. Though it’s not as impressive as when Einstein split the actual atom, this baby can sure split a bean. Similar to the Mignon, the Atom is stepless, and its easy-grip knob glides between fine and coarse grinds in a twist or two.

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Eureka Atom 60 Coffee Grinder - Metallic Emerald

The Eureka Atom 60 Coffee Grinder is a multi-purpose 60mm burr grinder that makes quick work of beans for any brew method. Grind manually, or, program single and double shots by time for automatic dosing. The Eureka Atom 60 features stepless adjustment, and, bonus, it never needs to be recalibrated.

Programmable Timed Grinding

Grinding times can be programmed for both single and double shots within 1/10 of a second, with counters on the main display for how many times you’ve prepared each. For one-time dispensing, or if you need just a little extra, manual mode allows you to grind on a whim.

Stepless Adjustment

Using the Atom’s adjustment knob, you can refine your grind with your thumb and forefinger. The stepless design allows for infinite play between burrs to ensure perfect extraction once you get it dialed in.

Adjustable Portafilter Catch

To accommodate portafilters of varying sizes, the Atom’s catch fork can be adjusted to various heights beneath the spout. For easier grinding for drip devices, the catch can be removed entirely for greater clearance, which allows the included container to slide seamlessly into place.

Easy Maintenance

The top burr is easily removed by taking out three screws that hold it in place. Because the bottom burr is used to adjust the grind thanks to Eureka’s patented Stepless Micrometric Regulation System, that means you can clean your burrs without affecting your grind settings.


Silent Technology, "High Speed" Grind Dispersion, Espresso & Brew, Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka), ACE System, "High Speed" Maintenance, All-Purpose Adjustable "Hands-Free" Fork, Blow Up System, "Barista Special" electronics, Customized high-performing engine, Die-cast aluminium bosy


Height: 440 mm Width: 180 mm Depth: 227 mm Weight: 7,8 kg

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