Eureka Helios 65 Coffee Grinder - Yellow


Eureka Helios 65 Coffee Grinder, is a professional grinder that specializes in grinding for espresso.

Eureka Helios 65 Coffee Grinder is a high speed espresso grinder with intuitive touchscreen controls, 65mm flat burrs, and stepless micrometric grind adjustment. The touchscreen display stores 3 timed-grinding presets, a manual grinding option, and more.

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Eureka Helios 65 Coffee Grinder - Yellow

The Eureka Helios 65 is an espresso grinder with 65mm flat burrs, precise stepless adjustment, and high-speed grinds dispersion. With intuitive touchscreen controls and easy maintenance, the Helios 65 is perfectly at home in any environment.

Micrometric Grind Adjustment

Grind adjustment is easy and stepless. All you need to do is turn the knob on the top of the grinder until you reach your preferred grind fineness. The grind adjustment system is stepless, providing you nearly infinite grind settings for ultimate precision.

65mm Flat Burrs

The Eureka Helios 65 Coffee Grinder uses 65mm flat burrs made of hardened steel to grind through coffee beans. With the 570 watt motor spinning at 1380 RPM, the Helios 65 dispenses between 3.5 and 5 grams per second, depending on grind fineness.

Touchscreen Display

Intuitive touch controls make it quick and natural to select your preferred dose and adjust grind times. Thanks to the light-up display and customizable interface, the display is easy on the eyes and even easier to read and understand.

High Speed Maintenance

On the Helios 65, the lid is held in place with just a few screws, making it easy to release the lid and remove the top burr for maintenance. Because the bottom burr is adjusted, that means you can access your grinding chamber for cleaning without losing your grind setting.


"High Speed" Grind Dispersion, Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka), "High Speed" Maintenance, ACE System, All-Purpose Adjustable "Hands-Free" Fork, Touch screen (3 doses + continuos), Adjustable and removable outlet chute, Bean hopper security system, Maintenance alert customised for burrs type


Height: 600 mm Width: 220 mm Depth: 250 mm Weight: 12 kg

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